Four Phase of Personality Development

According to my opinion , phases personal of development can be seen from four phase following: first, recognizing own self. Second, positioning self. Third, pushing in self. And is fourth, self actualization. At this opportunity, I will study first phase beforehand

Compared to God creation of the other, human being is pink of perfection creation. Perfection here seen from equipment of itself human being sides, that is existence of kindliness, there is also badness. There is strong side, there is also weak side. Human being as creature is full of self potency, have to always spring up to go to self actualization. Human being have to recognize the both sides as well as possible. Because, recognizing own self is base of actions or action, for the shake of reaching for a big aspiration

Example of: after analyzing self circumspectly, later ;then we can find strength of our personal like creativity, spirit of innovating, durability of analysis, ability find opportunity, acceptance to novelty, spirit [of] learning high, and also dream of or target of excellence person. But on the other side, we are sense of belonging might possibly weakness, like less discipline, do not focus, less consistent, do not dare to try, or do not dare to take risk

At this case, we able to see what a strength in the form of special self potency become difficult expand, because weakness which cannot be controlled or managed better. Its dot of him here is to, maximizing strength or potency and at the same time minimization influence of weakness of us. Its way is

1. First, commit to eliminate the weakness

2. Second, conducting effort or action which seriously to discontinue its influence each time weakness of the self emerge

3. Thirdly, grow new habits which pushing our potency, and at the (time) of at the same time bury profusely every weakness of us

4. Fourth, continuous grow and develop self-motivation, so that the spirit of always flame up and we ever have healthy mentality

And all of fourth of the mentioned we have to from now on also! Remember, only one who have motivation and dare to just act to success. Is power in Action! Action was strength


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