Phase of Self Actualization

At previous articles we have studied step recognize our self, positioning self, and push in self. Nowadays we study last phase of applying of strategy of Sun Tzu for the personal of development, that is self actualization

Phase of actualization x’ self represent process realize x’ self potency after we can do actions quickly, dare to take risk, and can take Lesson from efficacy and failure of us. In course of materialization this is us claimed to conduct everything professionally, effective, and efficient. Cause, this was very relate to opportunity or opportunity which we obtain. 

Remember, opportunity not come each time we wish and often which we expect. Opportunity have high benefit facet before one who can position x’self correctly, acting quickly, will learn, and also ready to take risk. Opportunity do not have any value before one who do not ready to accepting it

Phase of Actualizes x’self claim ability of us to braid valuable relationship more. Sometimes potency, ability, skilled, and value can make we more, stuck do not find channel of actualizes which as proper as. Relationship and of koneksi sometime can function like bridge and road go to target which we wish. In here important meaning of relationship with others, particularly relationships which with quality. Relationship which with quality represent energy lever up which can be exploited to jack up efficacy of us

Next, development of x’self cannot be quit of strength of resilience bounce. At former articles was we have studied what a successfulness which do not accompany with resilience bounce to become it’s brittle successfulness. Efficacy disregarding human elementary principles is dry efficacy, do not have a meaning of, dissatisfactory fully, and finally become destructive something that. Because that’s, resilience bounce we have to forge and we inculcate our semenjak start every struggle. Its way is by looking after spirit as human being of knowledgeable real

Way of important other to forge resilience bounce us is always pray, always say thanks, and meditate. Successfulness has to reach, to be realized, and accepted with prayer, feel thanks, and pendalaman of mind through to meditate. This represents balancing among attractions of energy physic-material with mental-spiritual energy. Third of him become a reconditioned mechanism of continuous x’ self go to deepness or genuity in of our x’self

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