Human Being Essence

Allah creates human being with all limitation and his weakness beside excess and his strength. We have to comprehend this weakness and limitation so that us conscious of weakness of us and can overcome its weakness and him dignity

As creature, weak human being, human being created with limitation of mind and physical. Physical human would not this universe movement can with its energy, even also human being mind with various result of its technology. Human being very weak before Allah so that needed to have recourse and haven of Allah SWT

“Allah will give priority to you, and human being made to have the character of weak.”(QS.4:28

Weakness of other human being is stupid. Like what Allah says “We have told commendation to sky, mounts and earth, hence altogether shy at to shoulder that commendation and they party to betraying him, and shouldered by that commendation by human being. Real of that brutal human being very and stupid very,” ( QS.33:72)

Shouldering that commendation need consistent deed and science so that don’t be betray the commendation. If bookish human being and can practice it with istiqamah hence is quit of stupidity and brutality. Because of limitations, human being though have various dignity, still need Allah. Bizzare really if there is human being which feel that there is business which do not need Allah, equally do not in line with what marked with lines by Allah. Though that human being weaken and is stupid

As stupid and weak creature, have appropriately if us always ask guide to Allah and run all guide which have there, which have been contained in Al Holy and examplize by Rasul. Really bluff human being which do not need His guide or guess it as according to its own mind.


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