Human Potencies

Mind is one of the human being potency . One of the way of grateful is utilize our mind as according to desire making it, that is Allah SWT. With mind, human being have ability to obtain knowledge and science. The ability which do not have by other creature

One of [the] command of Allah of SWT to human being [is] [so that/ to be] each; every action and behavior [his/its] pursuant to science

“And you don’t follow what you don’t have knowledge about him. Real [of] hearing, liver and eyesight, altogether that will be called to account him.” (QS.17:36)

Every deed or action which do not pursuant to science will make we become one who lose beside Allah. In eternity we will enter hell “And they say:” Predict we listen or think of (that commemoration) undoubtedly is not we are the including dwellers of emotional hell (QS.67:10)

So also in world, besides us being lost, live without science as walking in place very dark, we do not know what must be done, or even so there is only following just others which not yet real correct of course or is wrong of him

By dozens human were being which do not want to be optimal of its mind. The example is people who do not want to again use its mind in searching science. They feel its science have last for its life. They lay open various reason in order not to again learn or study

Don’t to open book, simply listening others even also just there is which do not want to. Though if diligent we listening others, we will get free science which needn’t be difficult hard searching it

Let us optimal terus-meneruskan of mind potency we in order not to lose world goodness and eternity. Remind our brothers and sisters which still not yet aware of this matter. The chance of Indonesia will very depended from quality of its own nation


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