To be Better Everyday

Change can’t be Inextricable. Because that thing moved by development of technology, that thing accelerate at one particular speed which have never seen previously

Our duty is more becoming of change expert than a change victim. (Brian Tracy)

Market only paying to pre-eminent appreciations for preeminent achievement, pre-eminent products or pre-eminent service. Identifying and developing area excellence to you is the first duty of management. (Brian Tracy)

You can see that Brian Tracy ( expert and writer research into successfulness) so emphasize at excellence and change. We have to become change expert is not change victim, its intention we should be able to live with changes exist in around us. Otherwise, we will be run over by era, we cannot adapt to era

Second matter of excellence movement of change. One of the uppermost change in life of us is increasing human being something continually. Of course every moment will emerge new human beings needing life. Emulation cannot be in pleasure. Only people who have excellence or have preeminent service and product able to compete

In facing change and to become superman there is one track which may not do not we have to conduct, that is always pull socks up continuously. We have to be more either from others, knowledge and skill of us have to be more be good so that can follow change that happened. So precisely what told by Rasulullah SAW to its people

“whom did Goods today is the same yesterday, he would be loses. If today worse than yesterday, that was disaster. And when today is better the than yesterday that really lucky person.” ( HR Bukhari)


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