Overcoming Gap of Communications.

In everyday life, either in office and also in family environment, oftentimes met by the existence of gap in communicating the. The gap cause difference of perception among party which is one with other party and not rarely this matter generate loss in both parties. If seen carefully hence causing the happening of the communications difference oftentimes non laying in problem of fact but limited to image which then differentiate the understanding of to feeling. Because its fact, both parties is requiring each other and when have been explained into contact, all problem or its majority can is comprehending each other. If you witness party which is hating each other, hence it is possible that its cause not because of having characters becoming reason to be hated by but because eye communications factor

Because more can be related to problem how to form image so that yielding understanding feel delicious, hence which is required in communicating in fact is effort to alter x’self up at better, especially attitude, action, and feeling. Its meaning, how do you treat others become mirror from how do you treat own self and hereinafter how others treat you represent feedback of treatment of you to them. How to altering x’self up at better? It is better there is paying attention three things following:


Definitively can be explained that attitude of assertive represent manifestation of serious repair in the case of how do you ” reckoning” existence of others without little lessen calculation to existence of you by constructive and fair. Reckoning its meaning others confess that any human being has rights differ from equality had, no judging its difference

On the other side, with the confession meaningless loss you “points of standing”. Because if loss, not again assertive, but or permissive of aggressive. You tell YES or DO NOT with its reason each. But don’t forget that founding of the you lay open by which [is] firm but polite. In here membership use ‘life Language’ determining. Is therefore confessed that how people using Language become mirror off is quality of its natural existence. Submitting repair idea to superior of course differ its Language by submitting it in front of activity friend. Attitude of Assertive will place you on course to be respected, non to be exploited. The difference is very thin.


How do you see through region felt by others but you do not dissolve x’self in it. As superior, required to feel situation like how your subordinate feel or on the contrary to comprehend what really is required. More facilitating term is if two direction. If this will sharply feeling of sensitivity. Other analogy can be depicted by how a lawyer becoming emancipator of oppressed people. He will become emancipator when he comprehend what felt by that oppressed people but soon will become oppressed if just feeling what felt by oppressed people. The difference is very thin

In communicating with environment, hence which you require is to comprehend what felt by your partner. To be able to comprehend to claim more can listen. Stephen Covey terms “first understand to seek”. At its practice, more opting people to be more is first comprehended; in advance converse about x’self before in advance listen others; in advance pretend to before obligation completed.

Work along

Fact of history prove that action of co-operative finally more beneficial from at action of confrontative when conflict claim to be finished. If it’s of people more interest to finish communications business by confronted, hence some of its cause because briefer and easier besides nor need intelligence in high rate. And oftentimes the way of confrontative become clarification of contention of eye position egoism non to explain road go to mission realization, vision, and target. Real correct though – your correctness require is realization from what you wish non position egoism

When you relate to others in whatever form, realize that you differ and so get problem creating difference in way of comprehending and finishing, hence its choice only two: you oppose to the difference because position egoism; or you alter difference become strength of synergism by creating third alternative: I, you, and us meaning vision and mission with. So much times again, the difference is very thin. Hopefully good for you


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