Development Trust

Why require to be woke up

Why require to be woke up

Of course there is untold of reason why that trust is necessary for us. In its bearing with world work or effort, I am only wishing to affirm two matter of so much that, with sentence like following is

First, Trust is strength “fascination” remarkable to invite opportunity of transaction. If seeing clarification all is expert of marketing, transaction is reached real target short-range by agreement both of party. This transaction intrinsically not only will be done by all or merchant of businessman, but will be done by every person who run activity off is effort, any effort that, including also work.

We remember elementary message in the world of business effort telling, everybody will experience its life by selling something , escape do that service or goods which we sell. So, so that activity of selling our come up with transaction level, hence role of trust very dominant here. Do not all product that not yet saleable bad, but sometimes people not yet believed in benefit of that product. The most Important that trust him in business, so that there is telling like this: “ if that man like you, he will listen you, but if that man trust you, he will conduct business with you.

So also, do not all employees which not yet got opportunity of occupation promotion inexpert, but sometimes people not yet believed in its membership. May even exist sentence which I have ever read of the book masterpiece of Helga Drummond entitle: “ Power: Creating It Using IT”, ( Kogan Page: 1991) which its core wish to understand us that for the sake of power, hence all important not only in what area of expert us, but whosoever trusting membership of us. Everybody can political is bad of functionary him, but only valid just certain people to converse to the effect that. Everybody in office can be invited to see lacking of organization, but its practice only just certain people which entitled to have a notion to the effect that. About so the example.

Although we is expert have certain area, but if there is no one who trust membership of us, that membership of its benefit still not yet making many us. Possible on the basis of this is George Macdonald have told: “ To be trusted by that its bigger value compared to loved

Many times our ear hear experience all entrepreneur telling a story about its biography. They dare to conclude, its efficacy capital is trust. They get money of others which is trust to it. Then they get product also from others which is trust to it. From product and capital that’s them process it with trustworthy process then born beneficial transaction. Bank in this world also implementing off way of activity. They get money of society which is trust to it. Then they develop with process and system which can be trusted later;then from here they get profit.

Both, Trust will be able to lessen so much of potency of problem in relation of interpersonal . Relation which intend here relation can any kind of, possible business, possible profession, household, friendship and others. Such as those which we experience of, our relation with that others do not only becoming the source of solution. Sometimes also become the source of problem. There is problem which in the form of difficulty, dilemma, and mystery. In essence, colourfull of that problem can be told is untold

If re-checked any kind of becoming caused of appearance of problem in relation, I sure trust off including one of the biggest factor. If that trust there is in a meaningless relation is true problem will lose, but if that trust have losed, to be ascertained will emerging many problem. resulted from by Problem the loss of this trust usually bear. Can be told, trust is ground a efficient and effective relation.

If seeing how is difficult of him lead Indonesian nation and is difficult of Indonesian nation him find its leader in overcoming the problem of this nation, may be right also word all expert in television. Loss of “trust” have made wheel leadership of effective government becoming not inefficient and, or frequent spragged by insignificant things. Isn’t it true that often we see deduction or demonstration some of people to governmental program though concepted its of that program of designed for people? At this case of course non its program which refused by but people always distrust and unconvinced of appearance “ don’t” which is felt concerned about, for example corruption or riding of importance of individual of valid law

That’s picture in a flash how to work trust in practice everyday life. If above there [is] question why that trust require to be woke up, hence its answer is: that trust non born in traits but result of from effort or enableness (state), that trust non giving but reciprocation, that trust non statement corps (only talking), but corps of verification (witness).

In embraced by life theory is jet propulsion of Li, that trust is woke up pursuant to step structure which early from is: first, knock at, second, making others know that you come, thirdly, proving the who is your x’self. If you have succeeded to prove the who is your x’self, hence you will easy to alter people and alter situation

Pest of Trust

When conversing trust, possible there is two matter which is proper to be remembered 1. That trust come him of others but its reason from us. Its meaning, there is two side in concerned here. In consequence very possible happened deviation case. Just For example is, we trust one who do not yet trusted competent. Or also, we not yet do not be trusted by others though we have prepared reason to be trusted

Technical though him very possible emerge case as in to the, but its principle do not change. Its meaning, in the end is same unconvinced one would us if we do not have or reason of qualification competent to be trusted. On the contrary, we will remain to get trust if in the reality we own competent evidence to be trusted (even initially do not be trusted). This principle cannot change. Tehnis in character whereas but principle have the character of endlessly.

2. Mostly people have known any kind of which need to be conducted to build trust and know any kind of which need to be avoided by because will destroy trust of people. But unhappily only a few one who will and can conduct it. Though, in the end that trust need verification , is not statement

As repeat from what we have know, here I note there is frequent three things become pest of trust a. Lazy, halfs, reluctantly commitment low

Usually, before we dare to impinge various commitment with others, initially us conduct that collision personal commitment. For example, our plan but we do not run. Our goals but us let. Our desire pull socks up but which we practice oppositely destroy. All thesely of evidence off is existence of “gap of between action of world the and word of world the” in our x’self, which represent the effect of low commitment.

According to experience of Mahatma of Gandhi, effect of discipline representing the effect of that high commitment, do not only at one dot in life of us. But he disseminate to entire. On the contrary, effect of undecipline also disseminate all region, from starting our relation into ( intrapersonal) to our relation out (interpersonal)

b. Membership or capacities which is not adequate

A lot agree to tell, sincerity represent trust foundation. This real correct surely and both of the same we have confess as truth. Merely, there [is] one matter which often we forget that making we become one who is disingenuous, not only problem of moral commitment, but also capacities or membership of personal. If You only having earnings remain to the two of million but You have to account month credit is five of million, hence You get and stimuli of force which strong enough to lie. Partly we “ forced to” lie not because of destroying its belief but because its capacities not yet until. Here the needed ability measure x’self rate (self-understanding), knowledge self or ability make good decision.

c. Habit Impinge Truth

Have habit impinge the truth of agreed on religions, norms and others and also have habit deify which fighting against that truth, also can destroy trust. In the case of activity or effort often we discover there is people more same trust of others compared to is same is its own clan because done collision. Darling problem, surely more is same people darling its clan, but trust problem, other again. Even do not a little corruptor or criminal look for others which non criminal or which non corruptor when its business is problem work or run effort

Process Study

As reference to pull socks up (study process), I wish to propose a term which hopefully earn us make as reference in developing trust. Term that I intend is

  1. Pious 2.
  2. Membership
  3. Communications.

Soleh word which have been weared by public is here taken away from Arab language. One of the its meaning is “ compatible”, singkron, integrited, or hormani. Saleh is ability of us in accomodating action with values off truth of which we believe, accomodating action with utterance, accomodating evidence with promise, or accomodate action with conscience, and so on

Why me tell ability because, no human which born directly of soleh, becoming downright people, becoming one who commit highly, becoming one who meekly discipline, and so on. In consequence, awareness there must be from within soleh to increase us from most is we ready to conduct. Problem how its , at the discretion of we are. But its principle there must be repair action.

Such as those which I tell above, do not enough build trust with have capital to of commitment moral, like this soleh. Need other support, that is capacities or membership, if its business concerning effort or job. Membership here is ability complete work pursuant to its standard. To be able to have this ability is needed by knowledge addition and experience.

At scope work and effort broader, soleh will work for to save us from falling. While membership will work for to boost up our achievement. If us go up to continue but finally fall, of course is pain. On the contrary, if us only just peaceful, but achievement we do not go up, this can make our chest oppress. Peaceful so that and go up, the key is pious and membership. Speak trust, of course role of this is two matter very vital. If us only expert but do not just or soleh of soleh but is inexpert, trust it is of course still less

While ability communicate that we require for example to: a) to explain deviation like in case above effect of misunderstanding, b) explaining to others about our x’self or c) finish problem of unsuccessful agreement executed caused by problem of which emerge

Third this reference if succeeding we run pursuant to our personality each, trust will emerge. Its problem of him possible all kinds of. There is which might not be trusted in advance newly is later;then trusted or there is direct of trust.


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